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Indo-Pacific - 13. page

China's President Xi Jinping and Myanmar's President Thein Sein shake hands at an signing ceremony as President Thein Sein arrives for the upcoming Boao Forum, in Sanya

Future prospects of China- Myanmar Relations under the New Government

S K Shahi writes: Ever since the military regime assumed power in Myanmar, European Union (EU) and the United States imposed sanctions on the country which led to increased economic and political dependence on China. Myanmar had become more dependent on China than ever before.

Amazing India 123

Review of India’s New Maritime Military Strategy

M H Rajesh Writes: The third edition of India’s maritime strategy, Ensuring Secure Seas- Indian Maritime Security Strategy has just been released by the Indian Navy. The first edition, which was not a public document, laid a 25 year roadmap till 2015 and was published in 1989.

A Chinese Naval submarine docks at the Ngong Shuen Chau Naval Base in Hong Kong April 30, 2004. [Chi..

Force structures- What do they tell?

M H Rajesh Writes: Navies are technically intense arms of the defence. They take a long time to build, and once built along a particular doctrine, they take another thirty to change due to the momentum built by an interrelated ecosystem around them.

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Making Waves: Indo-US Naval Cooperation

Commodore Lalit Kapur (Retd.) writes: Ashley Tellis has written a much discussed article titled “Making Waves: Aiding India’s Next Generation Aircraft Carrier” for his think tank. In essence, the article argues for a leap in cooperation between India and USA to jointly design and equip India’s next generation aircraft carrier. The article is eminently readable for its irrefutable logic, compelling argument and exhaustive research. It remains for India to evaluate it and if interested, to pursue cooperation with USA at the appropriate level