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Event Update - 17. page


RTD with Sichuan University

The ‘Introductory Remarks’ were given by the Director, USI who welcomed the delegation and complemented the team on completing the joint project on “China’s One Belt and One Road: Initiatives, Challenges and Prospects”.


PM Modi’s US Visit: Chinese Media Highlights India’s Policy of Non-Alignment

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: The article in Global Times says that India cannot rise by containing China, but its reverse is equally true that China too cannot rise by containing India. Success of any containment strategy in age of globalization is difficult and it is time that India and China cooperate in true strategic realm as well.


A New President in Taiwan- New Hopes, Old Problems

M H Rajesh writes: As far as India goes, it needs to engage Taiwan far more, especially on the economic front. Just as Foxconn has set up facility in India, it must invite more Taiwan based businesses to choose India as a preferred investment destination.