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Research Scholar


India-US Logistics Agreement Makes China Jittery

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Reality is that India has shown intent and taken steps to improve relations with Beijing. But China has stonewalled such efforts by regularly targeting India’s core concerns.

File photo of an underwater test-firing of a strategic submarine ballistic missile is seen in this undated photo released by North Korea's KCNA

North Korea’s Missile Test

M H Rajesh writes: In a sign of complacency, many analysts had dismissed an earlier photograph of Kim Jong Un himself next to a missile popping out water as a handiwork of image manipulation.


J&K: India takes bold and realistic stand

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: It is right move by the Indian government to increase its outreach to people of PoK and include their neglected narrative in the J&K debate.


Russia, Turkey Reboot Bilateral Relations

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Good relations with Russia would give President Erdogan some respite in foreign policy matters in order to concentrate on the domestic front where he has a number of challenges as signified by the failed coup.