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Dr. Roshan Khanijo's academic qualification includes BSc, MA and PhD. Her topic for the doctoral thesis was "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Developing Countries – A Critical Appraisal" She is the author of a book "Complexities and Challenges of Nuclear India" She was the member of the study team which did the Net Assessment on China and South Asia. She has been a panelist in Panel Discussions on nuclear issues. She presented a paper in the seminar organized by CIISS (China Institute for International and strategic Studies) in Beijing .She also took part in the discussions held by CICIR (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations) in Beijing. She has taken guest lectures for Jindal International University .Currently she is working as a Research Fellow at USI.


1962 – A View from the Other Side of the Hill

Lieutenant General VK Singh, PVSM (Retd) writes:The 1962 Sino-Indian War has remained a subject of study and discussion ever since it ended. There have been various books from the Indian side but very few, if any from the Chinese. The USI decided in 2012 to try to get a new view on the events of that time.


Can the Other “Asian Giants” Deal With China’s Slowdown

Sandeep Jain writes: China’s slowdown has been keenly watched across the globe but much more so in its immediate neighbourhood which include ASEAN nations as also India. Chinese economy has been a driver of the global economy for the last decade specially during the period of the recent recession of 2008

The King of Swaziland with Mahesh Sharma

India-Africa Partnership-Role Of The Common Man

Sandeep Jain writes:The Indo-African summit is presently on in New Delhi. There is lot of focus on trade, investment, strategic partnership, historical linkages between India and the African continent as also country specific bilateral issues such as import of oil from Nigeria


US Warship Testing Chinese Military Strategy in SCS

Roshan Writes: The speculations that US ships will be patrolling SCS has come to en end as according to US defense officialsaa US navy guided missile destroyer USS Lassen sailed close to China’s Subi and Mischief Reef .