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Dr. Roshan Khanijo's academic qualification includes BSc, MA and PhD. Her topic for the doctoral thesis was "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Developing Countries – A Critical Appraisal" She is the author of a book "Complexities and Challenges of Nuclear India" She was the member of the study team which did the Net Assessment on China and South Asia. She has been a panelist in Panel Discussions on nuclear issues. She presented a paper in the seminar organized by CIISS (China Institute for International and strategic Studies) in Beijing .She also took part in the discussions held by CICIR (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations) in Beijing. She has taken guest lectures for Jindal International University .Currently she is working as a Research Fellow at USI.


Kashmir’s Teenage Militants

Brig Narender writes, the killing of teenage terrorists in Kashmir has triggered a debate whether it was ethically correct for the security forces to kill young boys or they should have been given a chance to surrender. It also brings in question the role of parents, teachers and religious leaders.


Dynamics Of The New Great Game In Afghanistan: Implications For India

Major General BK Sharma (Retd) writes, the evolving geopolitical scenario in Afghanistan is pointing to what noted Spanish philosopher George Santayana had said: ‘‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. History is repeating itself in Afghanistan that has emerged as the epicentre of the ‘New Zero Sum Cold War’ in Eurasia.

Two militants killed in encounter in Nowgam

Defeating Pakistani Injected Venom in Kashmir is Not Only the Indian Army’s Task

Lt Gen GS Katoch, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd) Writes: Of late the media (mainly social) has been abuzz with comments upon, or in criticism, of the deaths of seven civilians in Pulwama District of Kashmir consequent to an operation on 15 Dec.This blog wants to state that the fight against terrorism and Pakistani venom in Kashmir is a fight of the nation and all its security forces.


Deputy Director, Research, USI participated in a Panel discussion at the Chandigarh Literature Festival 2018 from 07 Dec – 09 Dec 2018

Maj Gen BK Sharma, AVSM, SM** (Retd), Deputy Director (Research) and Head of Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation, USI attended the Chandigarh Literature Festival 2018 from 07 Dec – 09 Dec 2018. He was co-panellist for the discussion on the topic ” The New Great Game ” along with noted experts , civil servants, diplomats and military leader . He spoke on the dynamics of Great Game in Eurasia, with special reference to Afghanistan, implications and response from India.