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Dr. Roshan Khanijo's academic qualification includes BSc, MA and PhD. Her topic for the doctoral thesis was "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Developing Countries – A Critical Appraisal" She is the author of a book "Complexities and Challenges of Nuclear India" She was the member of the study team which did the Net Assessment on China and South Asia. She has been a panelist in Panel Discussions on nuclear issues. She presented a paper in the seminar organized by CIISS (China Institute for International and strategic Studies) in Beijing .She also took part in the discussions held by CICIR (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations) in Beijing. She has taken guest lectures for Jindal International University .Currently she is working as a Research Fellow at USI.



USI Conducted a A Strategic Panel Discussion for Diplomats, from ASEAN Countries,
Undergoing Special Course at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), New Delhi on 22 AUG 2017…….

India Relentless Drought

Water as a Strategic Issue in India

Nihar Kuanr Writes: Steps need to be initiated on war-footing to address the water issue in a holistic manner. Water is a strategic asset for India. The Government, policy-makers, think tank and the public need to be sensitised on this issue. The National security and strategic narrative be framed accordingly.