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Pakistan’s Nuclear Development and India’s Strategy and Doctrine

It is high time that the American aid given to Pakistan is monitored, as mostly this has been misused (diverted for military purposes).


A Round Table Discussion (RTTD) on “Pakistan’s Nuclear Development and India’s Strategy and Doctrine” was held in USI on 04 September.  Dr. Neil Joeck , Visiting Scholar ,Institute of International Studies, University of California,  focused on the Pakistani Nuclear development and its implications on  India , and my presentation focused India’s response, stemming from its nuclear doctrine, and the feasibility of Tactical Nuclear Weapons.

The discussions included Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons. It was debated that, by deploying TNWs on land, can any practical purpose be achieved. Firstly the operationalizing the same would create a lot of problems for the Pakistani’s, because there is always a possibility that the weapons may fall in the wrong hand, thus increasing the threat of nuclear terrorism. It is believed that the Pakistani’s  had developed it to counter  the so called India’s “Cold Start Doctrine” .The question that arises is  will the number  actually deter the large Indian army? And considering India’s doctrine amply explains a nuclear response if its territory or armed forces were attacked with the same. Is it not just another Pakistani aggressive posturing?

It was also discussed that the international community had not done enough to control Pakistan’s expansion of nuclear weapons and its proliferation streak. It is high time that the American aid given to Pakistan is monitored, as mostly this has been misused (diverted for military purposes). Considering the situation is becoming tense in West Asia, due to threats from ISIS, and the declaration of renewal of Al Qaida activities  in South Asia (by inciting the youth to join the Jihadi movements), Pakistan is  again repeating the mistake of fuelling the fire without realizing that it will consume it first . The western aid is acting like a catalyst in the whole process and sooner than later they will also get embroiled in it .The public debate in UK and France are testimony to an increase in the radical movements in these countries. The development of missiles and the threat of its theft is another cause of concern because the missile ranges has made   geography irrelevant. Also many times one talk about the Pakistani strategic depth, with the increase in the weapon stockpile, this strategic depth can be viewed in terms of keeping these assets in adjacent nations rather than the territorial expansion

Also the tendency by some to compare the two countries should stop, as both have different geographical and economical strengths. Even the security concerns (especially for India) are different. So constantly overhyping issues often fulfils Pakistan’s need to divert its attention from its internal dynamics.

There are many such questions, so I would like to have your views so that a discussion can be started which can ultimately lead to some solution.

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